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It's never a good feeling not knowing whether there's a warrant for your arrest or not. Get a clear answer by asking us to do an arrest warrant check so that you can make an informed decision.


In case there's a warrant under your name, our bail bondsmen will guide you. If you decide against turning yourself into the county jail, you can either pay the full bond amount or have us post a bail bond. You'll receive a FREE consultation upon your call.

Be prepared with our warrant check service

Arrest warrant checks can be done in several cases

  • DUI warrant

  • DWI warrant

  • Drug possession warrant

  • Assault / domestic violence warrant    

  • Theft warrant

You can request for runners, upon which we can bail you out from anywhere in the U.S.



Contact A-Action Bail Bonds immediately so that you can avoid the embarrassment of an arrest. We'll help you fill out all the forms and get all documents in order. You can rely on our decades of experience serving all of Texas.

Find out if there's an arrest warrant for you with a professional warrant check